Meredith DePaolo

Script: Devil’s Eye
Genre: Thriller | Horror (Inspired by true events)

Logline: Moments before a devastating earthquake, a young boy uncovers a mummified corpse inside a Kentucky mine. Now, his father and school teacher must race to save him before he’s found by the evil lurking inside.

Bio: Meredith DePaolo is an award-winning writer and director from New York City. A graduate of Yale, Meredith got her start working on the Emmy Award-winning show HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. From there, she went onto write and direct for CBS News, CBS College Sports, Bloomberg TV, We, and the Oxygen Network. Her documentary “Chasing the Dream: A Quarterback’s Story” about a D-III football player’s quest to win a spot in the NFL received critical praise. Her next documentary “Ballfields to Battlefields: Stories from Iraq,” was narrated by Matthew Modine and examined the lives of former college athletes after they were injured in battle. Meredith has worked in London, Dubai and Malaysia. A 2016 Writers Lab winner for her thriller script DEVIL’S EYE, Meredith is currently directing a horror short and working on a female driven psychological thriller set in Hong Kong. Her latest script CONFINED is a 2017 finalist for the Page Awards and finalist for the 2018 Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

Contact:  |  Twitter: @medepaolo


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