Leslie Longworth

Script: One Bad Astronaut
Genre: Drama | Comedy

Logline: One Bad Astronaut is a dramatic comedy about a likable but volatile rock star who returns home to deal with a paternity suit, and finds himself navigating the far more dangerous trials of his audacious family and falling in love.

Bio: Leslie Longworth is a writer + creative living in Venice, CA.  She was selected to participate in the 2016 NYWIFT/IRIS Writers Lab where she worked with mentors Susan Cartsonis and “Kiwi” Smith on a dramatic comedy.  Prior distinctions include advancing/placing in the Nicholl, Austin, Nashville, Cinequest and BlueCat; and she was named a New Voice to watch by The Humanities Prize in 2012.
She is currently finishing a sci-fi fantasy spec with a female protagonist –  a modern myth that draws on her fascination with and study of astrophysics, Gryphons, deities + demigods, ancient Sumerian texts, and the power of the mind.

Contact: You can follow Leslie on Instagram @lalongworth and/or @alchemicalephemera


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